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Mateo Gonzaga

My name is Mateo Gonzaga. I am an 18-year-old entrepreneur from rural Colorado, co-host and co-founder of The Gen Z Stoic. My personal socials are linked below if you would like to connect with me regarding business inquiries, personal consulting, and more. 

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My Story

I know what feeling lost, hopeless, and confused about life is like; I was forced to navigate the earliest of my memories without a father. In only 18 years of living, I've experienced many things that have left me with no choice but to grow. Hitting rock bottom in the winter of 2020, amidst the pandemic, was when I realized I had two choices: sink or swim. I chose to swim. Despite every setback, discovering Stoicism allowed me to shift my mindset from "Why is this happening to me," to "What is this trying to teach me?" Through years of personal reflection, development, and exploration, I discovered Stoicism, the ancient school of philosophy. Through my own exploration, I have found many parallels between Stoicism and my life and between Stoicism and Christianity. As a man deeply rooted in his faith, I apply both Stoic and Christian teachings to my works, opinions, and the way I live my life. Stoicism not only saved my life, but it makes the lives of those around me better too. 

Things I'm passionate about discussing

Entrepreneurship and start-ups:

 Driven by a relentless desire to build something meaningful, I want to cultivate my entrepreneurial skills. My vision extends beyond business success; it's about creating a positive impact, sparking real change through tangible results, and leading by example. I welcome all discussion and innovation around new business ideas and the pursuit of a better tomorrow led by the world of business. 

Nutrition and Fitness:

Lifting is a staple of my everyday routine; I picked up my first weight when I was 15. Since then, I have smashed every record I set for myself and beyond. I have recently started hybrid training; I am working towards my first marathon and, eventually, a triathlon. I firmly believe in the reform of America's health system; I enjoy discussing the benefits of transitioning to a holistic health approach and animal-based diet. One thing humans cannot buy is good health, which is why it must be a priority for all. 

Self Improvement:

 Aside from stoicism, self-improvement is an area of life I will always discuss with anyone. I believe firmly in the principle of constant evolution and improvement. Count me in from mental mastery to physical mastery and anywhere in between. Seeing my community and those around me thrive brings me fulfillment and is ultimately the purpose behind The Gen Z Stoic.

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