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S3 E3: Ryan Quirk on Self-Mastery - The Missing Link for Gen Z


Ryan Quirk is a life coach, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and the author of “An 18-Year-Old’s Guide to Self-Mastery, How to Master Your Life From the Inside Out,” a novel that guides readers into mastery over your mind, your emotions, your body, and as a result, a more joyful life. In this episode, we dive deep into the waters of self-mastery. Starting with Ryan’s four pillars of self-mastery—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—we embark on over two hours of conversation about what it means to master oneself.


In this conversation, we relate and share our personal experiences to those of famed philosophers, psychologists, and spiritual guides. With quotes from the Stoics, Viktor Frankl, Buddha, and many other esteemed philosophy experts, this discussion is the perfect guide to start your journey to self-mastery.

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