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Our Story

Founded in January of 2023, The Gen Z Stoic started as a simple idea hatched from a cramped, unfinished basement in rural Colorado by two high school seniors tired of the trends they saw in their generation. Taking inspiration from existing Stoic podcasts, co-founders Wren and Mateo decided it was time for a new wave of contemporary stoicism that came with an injection of energy from Generation Z.  


We observed that in an age of chaos, social media, overconsumption, and shallowness, many of our peers fell into the trap of living unfulfilling lives without a solid purpose to hold on to. We intend to combat this through the wisdom of the oldest school known to man: the school of philosophy.

The Gen Z Stoic aims to return society to the four Stoic virtues: wisdom, justice, temperance, and courage. From these values, we believe that a strong and resilient Generation Z can be rebuilt if they choose to live a life full of constant progress, success, and depth of character instead of chasing temporary satisfaction and immorality.

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