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A Discussion on Purpose, Self-Discipline, and Meditation with Giovanni Dienstmann

S3 E1

Welcome to Season 3 of The Gen Z Stoic Podcast! In our season premiere, we welcome Giovanni Dienstmann to the Gen Z Stoic. Giovanni is a meditation teacher, self-discipline coach, and published author of multiple life-changing books. Giovanni runs, which is one of the top five most visited meditation blogs on the web. Giovanni has over 10,000 hours of personal meditation practice and is a sought-after consultant to award-winning meditation apps. His meditation programs have helped over 20,000 people start a daily meditation practice, improve their psychological well-being, and master their minds.

In this episode, we discuss meditation, self-discipline, and how to live a fulfilling life in an age of distractions. We also answer the question of how philosophy relates to meditation practices and how we can use this knowledge to our benefit in living a purpose-driven life.

To learn more about Giovanni and his teachings here

And be sure to check out his latest written work, “Wise Confidence,” here 

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