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Living Holistically Conscious with Zakariya Frank

S3 E11

Zakariya Frank is the CMO of BeatCancer.Org, a 47-year-old nonprofit organization that educates people on holistic ways to prevent or Beat cancer. In addition to free personalized counseling for cancer patients, they have a wide variety of educational programs, and they’ve trained hundreds of holistic cancer coaches worldwide. Known as Zak The Health King, he also hosts a podcast entitled: The Health King’s Court: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Health. The podcast covers matters of physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, and anything in between.

In this week’s episode, we delve into the importance of being a holistically conscious individual. We also challenge the validity of large corporations in charge of our well-being, such as big pharma, the education system, and more. This week is about questioning the standard narrative; being holistic means considering all possibilities, even those that may seem out of reach. Taking a holistic approach to life is a path worth walking.

Disclaimer: The Gen Z Stoic is a free speech and freedom of expression platform. We do not always agree with the views and opinions expressed by our guests, but we firmly believe in the ability and freedom to express them. 

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