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Celebrities in a Stoic Society

S2 E26

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Drake. Taylor Swift. Sam Sulek. These are some of the biggest names in today’s industry. Throughout human history we have always seen the rise of famous people, but nowadays with social media and the internet this phenomenon has increased exponentially.From singers to actors to TikTok influencers, celebrities around the world are becoming more and more popular and are having an increased influence on the lives of younger generations. But as a Stoic, how can we ensure we support and bring fame to the RIGHT people? In this week’s episode, we dive into a conversation about not only the negative effects of idolizing poor role models but, importantly, how, as a society, we must emphasize bringing genuinely good people into the spotlight. For the sake of future generations, people in the celebrity role must be well fit to influence the next generation justly.

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