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The Stoic Student - 6 Ways To Enhance Your Learning Journey

S2 E18

Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Zeno all had something in common. As Stoics, they were all lifelong learners. As such, they had lots to say about the state of education and how it should be approached. As two college students who have learned great things from these men, we also have much to discuss about education. Tune in as we begin another analysis of modern education with helpful tips on maximizing your education's value. We emphasize the importance of seeking knowledge and wisdom OUTSIDE the classroom rather than limiting one’s knowledge to a singular area. Whether you’re in high school or college, this knowledge guide will benefit anyone who uses it. Join us this week in our most profound discussion of modern education yet, and remember, “Wisdom is a right understanding, a faculty of discerning good from evil, what is to be chosen and what rejected; a judgment grounded upon the value of things, and not the common opinion of them.” - Seneca.

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